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Cp.2: discovering energy
The second chapter in my series. don't worry, more about the crystal comes later. Enjoy!
Crystal stared at the strings of energy coming from her palms. They swirled like shining colorful smoke, wrapping over itself and spinning all around. Crystal looked as the 'light strings' started swirling around her crystal she wore on her neck. It seemed to follow the movement of the blue fire that was trapped inside it. Instinctively (even though this has nothing to do with real instincts) Crystal grabbed the crystal with her right hand. It started to feel…warm?; and a blast of energy came out of Crystal's left hand, knocking the fusion spawn off of the ground.
"GASP! OHH EMM GEE! CRYSTAL! DID YOU JUST REALLY DO THAT?" called Dee-Dee, who suddenly popped up right behind her.
"what do you think I am now, a witch??" Cried Crystal.
"why should I? the Power-Puff girls need to see you if you can do that! Come-on!" Dee-Dee grabbed Crystal's hand and started off. During the whole walk they laughed at each other and watched the mystical lights swirling around them. When they got to The Power-Puff girls house, they saw them having a little problem with some fusion spawns. Crystal grabbed her crystal and thrust out her left hand. A beam of light shot at the fusion spawns, turning them into fusion matter. Blossom, Bubbles, And Buttercup all turned aound to look at Crystal. Suddenly, the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. came down with KND's own Numbuh 5 and Dexter.
"what happened here?  Said Dexter with concern.
"Well, we were fighting some HUGE fusion spawns, when Crystal came and destroyed all of them."
Dexter raised his left eyebrow. "how?" He asked .
"Like this," Answered Crystal. She held her crystal and shot a beam into the air. It exploded like a mini firework.  Dexter raised both eyebrows so high you would have thought that they would fall off. Numbuh 5 jumped 3 feet in the air.
Crystal did a nervous shrug an a smile. "what?"
"Crystal, you may be from another world." Dexter said naively. Numbuh 5 had a sharp intake of breath.
"you don't mean?" she stuttered. Dexter nodded.
"Crystal, you're from  Dragontopia. The Syndor Isles. The fabled Land of the Dragons." Said Dexter.
WOOHOO! second chapter! now, hows that last lne for a cliff hanger? i think this is my best one :icondummywooplz:
still to write mor! if u like it, plz comment!
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August 17, 2010
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